Aromatic Plants – Essential Oils

Aromatic plants are those that contain aromatic substances and pharmaceutical properties in a part of them due to the essential oils contained. Whether it is their flowers and leaves or their fruits, shoots and roots, these characteristic aromas are from these essential oils.

Aromatic plants - Essential oilsThe relationship of man with aromatic plants and essential oils dates back to antiquity. Most people then considered them as a gift of nature and an expression of its beauty. After all, it makes sense if you think about the food, the aroma, the oxygen, the beauty and the health that they offer us.

The history around aromatic plants and essential oils

Aromatic plants - Essential oilsThe use of both dates back to a time when they were used extensively for their healing properties. Hippocrates, in fact, was particularly concerned with aromatic plants and their healing properties, while many other cultures recognized their value.

In particular, aromatic plants were used extensively by the Chinese, Egyptians, Babylonians and Sumerians. Of course, their use was not limited to healing and treatment, but soon became a key flavour ingredient in the kitchen and an aromatic for baths.

Herbs & Oils products and services

Aromatic plants - Essential oilsIn recent years aromatic plants and essential oils have been in great demand worldwide. There is a clear trend towards a healthier lifestyle. More and more people understand their importance and look for quality solutions. At Herbs & Oils, our main goal is to offer excellent quality products that will meet your needs in the best way.

With many years of experience in this field, our company offers high-quality services of distillation, planting, harvesting and consulting. Our nurseries meet the highest standards and the prices of our products will surely leave you completely satisfied. In fact, we provide you with the opportunity for both retail and wholesale.

Who are our products aimed at?

Aromatic plants - Essential oilsOur goal is to develop long-term partnerships with a wide range of professionals. In particular, our products are addressed to companies of infusions, herbs, spices as well as intermediaries or food brokers. The high-quality essential oils we produce are an excellent choice for pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics and perfume companies, the aromatherapy industry and the household goods industry as well as various intermediate traders.

With special emphasis on the excellent quality of each of our products, we manage to provide you with reliable solutions. Solutions that will help better serve your customers and further develop your business.