Aromatic Plants Nursery by Herbs & Oils

Aromatic Plants Nursery

The Aromatic Plants Nursery of Herbs & Oils is located at an altitude of 700 meters in the area of Xirolimni, Kozani. The excellent climatic and soil conditions of the area, combined with our many years of experience in dealing with plants, contribute to the production of excellent propagating material.

The location of our nursery between the mountains of Burinos and Askion. Dozens of aromatic plants grow on their own, which is an equally important factor of success.

The plants you will find in the Herbs & Oils aromatic plant nursery

We understand the special place of aromatic plants in the daily life of every person. That’s why our company, having a well-trained and specialized staff, has managed to develop a variety of propagating material of aromatic plants that will meet your every need. In particular, in the Aromatic Plants Nursery of Herbs & Oils you will find:

Aromatic Plants Nursery

Why choose our nursery?

One of the main reasons that our products are distinguished for their excellent quality is the soil in which they are grown. Xirolimni Kozani is an area where a variety of aromatic medicinal plants thrive. However, the region is not our only competitive advantage.

Aromatic Plants Nursery

In order to ensure the excellent quality of all our products, we place special emphasis on their production process. Specifically, the first and most important step for the production of propagating material is the seed/graft. In our nursery comes from targeted mother plantations intended for it.

Once planted, a key factor in ensuring success in an aromatic plant nursery is proper irrigation, depending on the variety of the plant. Our love for what we do and the constant training of our staff about all the developments in this industry helps us to ensure an excellent result in all our aromatic plants.