Helichrysum Nursery – Helichrysum plants

In the Helichrysum nursery of our company, you will find native Helichrysum plants (Helichrysum Italicum – Immortelle) which are characterized by their excellent quality. In particular, the aromatic plant nursery of Herbs & Oils has been cultivating this plant with great success in recent years. The production of the propagating material takes place in Xirolimni, Kozani and either seed or cuttings from mother plantations of Herbs & Oils are used.

Helichrysum Nursery - Helichrysum plants

It is an aromatic plant that grows to a height of about half a meter. It has upright branches and silver elongated leaves with a strong aroma. At the tops of the branches grow its yellowish leaves while its flowers can be consumed by humans offering exceptional benefits.

Cultivation of Helichrysum – Production process

The production of Helichrysum in the Herbs & Oils nursery is done according to the highest standards. Thanks to our many years of experience and specialization in the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants, we are able to ensure the best results at every stage of the production process.

Helichrysum Nursery - Helichrysum plants

In particular, the produced plant of Helichrysum is transplanted in our cultivation and grows in a suitable soil and favourable climate. In general, the Helichrysum plant can withstand drought and high temperatures and can survive in light frosts. The most ideal period for planting is the beginning of winter or early spring, especially if irrigation is possible.

The harvest includes special harvesting machines and takes place in the summer. From June to July, always depending on the altitude and the current weather conditions of the year. The harvest stage, when it comes to the production of essential oil, takes place when 50% of the flowers have withered. When intended for the dry plant, the collection is done when 25-50% of the buds have bloomed.

This is a plant that can be easily planted in pots or flower beds. Harvesting is done when the flowers have opened to about 2/3.

Properties and essential oil of Helichrysum

Helichrysum is a very popular aromatic medicinal plant. The extracted essential oil of olive oil is very beneficial and offers huge benefits to the human body. In particular, its basic properties include antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

The distillation of the flowers from the Helichrysum plants produces Helichrysum flower water. It has been proven to offer enormous benefits to the skin and generally to skin diseases. In particular, it helps to activate the circulation of the skin and has a healing effect on irritations. It reduces dark circles and redness and helps in cell regeneration. For this reason, it is one of the most important herbs for the cosmetics industry as it has anti-ageing properties.