Mountain tea nursery – Mountain tea plants

The mountain tea nursery (Sideritis) of the company Herbs & Oils is located in the area of Xirolimni Kozani and offers high-quality organic mountain tea plants. Specifically, the crops from which the seed comes are located at the foot of Mount Siniatsiko (local name Kayapasi). The altitude of over 700 meters, the climatic and soil conditions combined with the specialization of our staff, come to bring an excellent result that will meet your needs to the fullest. It is worth noting that the original seed came from a native population of the area. In Siniatsiko dozens of aromatic medicinal plants grow on their own, including Sideritis.

Mountain tea nursery - Mountain tea plants

Mountain tea belongs to the family Lamiaceae and the genus Sideritis. It includes a variety of species and thrives in sunny areas with high altitude. In fact, mountain tea plants “show” a particular preference for stony soils with an alkaline pH (6-8). This fact makes the area where the Herbs & Oils aromatic plant nursery is located the most ideal.

Cultivation of Mountain Tea – Production Process

Initially taking the seed from the local population, Herbs & Oils established its nursery in 2011, from where it is transplanted in the fall to properly prepared plots. By applying proper cultivation care, the lifespan of the plant reaches 5-6 years.

The harvest takes place before full bloom and when the flowering stems begin to wood. The reason is that the content of essential oil and the aroma of the leaves is the best. It blooms from mid-June to mid-July, depending on the weather conditions of the area and the aboveground part of the plant is collected. The flowering stems are dried in the shade by natural drying at the company’s premises.

Properties of mountain tea plants

Mountain tea nursery - Mountain tea plants

Mountain tea offers tremendous benefits to the human body. In particular, there is a lot of research around this plant, which has concluded that mountain tea plants help prevent several diseases. Some of these are Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, and osteoporosis.

In addition, the benefits to the digestive system are significant. It is widely used to relieve stomach pain and indigestion. Finally, a study conducted by the University of Patras and Ioannina found its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effects.

Understanding the special importance of Mountain Tea, our goal is to contribute as much as possible to improve your health and the enjoyment of delicious tea.