Oregano Nursery – Oregano Plants

In the oregano nursery of Herbs & Oils, you will find excellent quality oregano plants (Origanum Vulgare Hirtum). Oregano is a perennial plant that belongs to the genus Origanum and the family of lipsticks. In fact, it includes seven of the most famous species of Greek flora. It grows to a height of about 50 cm and has leaves about 3 cm in purple.

Oregano Nursery - Oregano Plants

Our goal is to provide our partners with high quality and genuine aromatic plants and essential oils. This is the reason why our staff pays special attention to the way in which each of our plants will be grown. So you can be absolutely sure of the end result.

Cultivation of Oregano – Production process

Oregano plants can be planted both during the period in late autumn and early winter and spring. However, you consider the best period to be the first when the weather is wet and cold. Planting is a relatively easy process as it can also be done mechanically.

The cultivation of oregano has no special requirements beyond the classic weeding, especially during the spring and some targeted fertilizations. Oregano plants are harvested during the flowering stage in late June to early July, however, the exact season depends on the area in which it is grown.

Properties of oregano plants

Oregano is one of the most basic herbs used daily in Greek cuisine. Its main properties are the wonderful aromas and its unique taste. It is one of the most popular aromatic plants in our country that in addition to its culinary use offers unique medicinal properties and benefits for the human body. In particular, it is considered a powerful natural antibiotic for humans and animals, has antibacterial properties and contains powerful antioxidants.