Sage Nursery & Agiannis Sage Nursery

Sage Nursery & Agiannis Sage Nursery

In the sage nursery of the company Herbs & Oils, you will find excellent quality plants of Sage (Salvia Officinalis) & Sage of Agiannis (Salvia Sclarea). In particular, sage, also known as Salvia, takes its name from the Latin verb “salvere” which means “save”. In fact, the ancient Greeks considered it a sacred herb and believed that it gave man immortality. They used it as a multidrug but also as a tonic for the mind and body.

Sage Nursery & Agiannis Sage Nursery – Production process

At Herbs & Oils sage nursery we place special emphasis on the production process in order to ensure the excellent quality of the plant. Which is also the one that will give you huge benefits to your customers. In particular, the parent plantations of our company where the seed comes from grow in a very suitable soil of the surrounding area. An area (foothills of Mount Synatsko) where from the end of May begin to “purple” entire parts of it. The native population of this plant is large!

Sage Nursery & Agiannis Sage Nursery

Then the sowing in properly prepared cases in the facilities of our company. With special care, it is cultivated until the right time for transplanting in the field. With special attention at every stage of the production process, we manage to ensure the excellent quality of all our plants.

Sage is planted mainly in autumn. It blooms from April to July, depending on the altitude at which it is grown. With proper care, the lifespan of a sage crop is 12-15 years. The best time to harvest it is just before the flowering of the plant. Specifically around June – July for the most mountainous areas or at the end of April for the southernmost areas.

Finally, the plant is harvested once during the first year of cultivation, and 2 to 3 times in the following years.

Properties of Sage plants

Sage plants and Sage Agiannis are two varieties of sage that offer huge benefits to the human body and especially to women. The essential oil produced by the distillation of its leaves has similar properties to the female hormone. For this reason, you consider it as one of the best phytoestrogens which help in regulating the problems related to menstruation and menopause.

In addition, sage is characterized by its antioxidant and antimicrobial action and is considered a natural antibiotic. Soothes irritation of the gums and throat and helps improve memory, blood circulation, colds and heavy sweating. It has been used for a long time as a healing, hemostatic and antiseptic.