Our crops

Lavender crops

Lavender, lavandula angustifolia or lavandula officinalis, is a perennial shrub of the lily family (Lamiaceae). There are many types of lavender with hundreds of genotypes that vary in shape, content and composition of essential oils. Genuine essential oil of exceptional quality comes from lavandula angustifolia, genuine lavender. Herbs & Oils has been cultivating genuine lavender since 2011 in the area of ​​Xirolimni, Kozani. The cultivation takes place at an altitude of more than 700 meters and in light, well-drained and calcareous soils (Ph> 6). It can be grown in dry fields and soils of moderate fertility. It is a very resistant plant to pests and diseases and has a shelf life of 10-12 years.

Χονδρικό εμπόριο λεβάντας

It is planted from autumn until spring and plants from cuttings are used and not seedlings. The cuttings are identical to the mother plants, so they have exactly the same DNA and are uniform, which makes it easier for us to cultivate and harvest. The plantation is done with a special planting machine. The harvest takes place in summer, June or July or August, depending on the weather conditions and the altitude of the area, with special harvesting machines. The harvest stage when it comes to the production of essential oil is when 50% of the flowers have withered, while when intended for dry medicine, the collection is done when 25-50% of the buds have bloomed.

Mountain tea crops

Mountain tea belongs to the family Lamiaceae and the genus Sideritis and includes a variety of species. Herbs & Oils grows organic mountain tea at the foot of Mount Siniatsiko (local name Kayapasi) at an altitude of over 700 meters in Xirolimni, Kozani.

Φυτώριο τσάι του βουνού - Φυτά τσάι του βουνού

It is a plant that thrives in sunny areas with high altitude and prefers stony soils with alkaline PH (6-8), which makes the conditions of the area ideal for its cultivation. Initially taking the seed from the local population, Herbs & Oils established its nursery in 2011, from where it is transplanted in the fall to properly prepared plots. By applying proper cultivation care, the lifespan of the plant reaches 6-8 years.

Harvesting takes place before full bloom and when the flowering stems begin to wood because then the content of essential oil and aroma of the leaves is the best. It blooms from the beginning of June to the middle of July, depending on the weather conditions of the area and the aboveground part of the plant is collected. The flowering stems are dried in the shade with natural drying at the company’s premises.

Sage crops

Sage belongs to the family of lilies (Lamiaceae) and the genus salvia (salvia) and includes more than 20 species in our country. Herbs & Oils grows organic sage of the species salvia officinalis at an altitude of 700 meters in Xirolimni, Kozani.

Χονδρικό εμπόριο φασκόμηλου

It is a plant that thrives in various climates, altitude from 0-1,500 meters and soils with wide pH values (4-8). It is very resistant to low temperatures but grows best in sunny areas. The foothills of our area have an abundance of native sage plants. The planting is done in the fall from the nursery of Herbs & Oils and applying proper cultivation care, the plantation lasts 6-8 years.

The harvest takes place at the beginning of flowering when it is a dry drug and during full bloom when it is intended for the production of essential oil. The collection takes place in May or June, depending on the weather conditions in the area. The harvested part of the plant (leaves) dries in the shade with natural drying, faster than other plants due to the low water content in the leaves.