Wholesale of Sage

Our company is active in the wholesale of sage, offering you high-quality products at very affordable prices. Our staff has many years of experience in planting, cultivating and harvesting aromatic plants while utilizing modern equipment. Thus, we manage to provide you with guaranteed quality organic sage that will satisfy both you and your customers.

Wholesale of Sage

In fact, in recent years we have developed a huge network of partners in all many areas of our country. Our goal is to be a reliable partner for both small and large companies operating in this industry.

Wholesale of sage – Basic Information

The sage cultivation of Herbs & Oils is located in Kozani and specifically in the area of Xirolimni. At an altitude of more than 700 meters and in the most suitable microclimate of the area, we grow sage (Salvia Officinalis) which is characterized by its excellent quality. Initially taking the seed from the native population, we produce the plants in the nurseries of Herbs & Oils. We transplant at the appropriate time in the most suitable plots, providing you with excellent quality products.

With special love and care for our crops, the staff of our company, Herbs & Oils, provides you with the excellent quality organic sage of the species Salvia officinalis. Collected at the right time and according to best practices. This is the reason why we can guarantee its wonderful taste and excellent aromas.

Wholesale of Sage

Who is the wholesale of sage for?

Wholesale of sage is aimed at a range of professionals and businesses. We take care to provide solutions to each professional individually, both by providing excellent quality products and with the appropriate consulting.

So if you have a company with herbs, spices or infusions, if you act as an intermediary trader or as a Food Broker, we are able to provide you with excellent quality products with immediate service. Our main goal is to help you offer reliable solutions to your customers, gaining trust in your brand.