Wholesale of Ηelichrysum Essential Oil and Flower Water

Wholesale of Ηelichrysum Essential Oil

The wholesale of Ηelichrysum Essential Oil (Helichrysum Italicum) is also a key part of our business. Helichrysum essential oil is produced from the flowers of the plant and has a sweet and rich aroma. Its name comes from the words sun and gold, due to its striking colour.

If you want to incorporate essential oil and Helichrysum flower water into your business, Herbs & Oils takes care to provide you with an excellent quality-price combination. Our main concern is to offer competitive solutions to our partners, in order to ensure the best benefits for their business.

Wholesale of Ηelichrysum Essential Oil

Wholesale of Ηelichrysum Essential Oil

The essential oil of the Helichrysum flower is known since ancient times. It was widely used to heal the wounds of warriors. Of course, the uses of this oil are much more, something that has led to its huge demand in the market.

Thanks to the excellent professional training of our staff in the production of aromatic plants and their distillation in high-quality essential oils, we manage to provide excellent solutions to all our partner companies. Herbs & Oils Helichrysum plants grow according to best practices and in ideal climatic and soil conditions.

So the Helichrysum essential oil that you will get from us will impress you with its excellent quality. More information on how to distil can be found in the “Essential Oils Distillery” section.

Who is the wholesale trade in essential oils for?

Wholesale of Helichrysum essential oil is for all professionals operating in one of the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Food Brokers
  • Intermediary traders

Why choose Herbs & Oils Helichrysum essential oil and flower water?

At Herbs & Oils, our basic principle is the development of long-term partnerships with both small and large companies operating in this industry. All our essential oils and flower waters come from 100% natural and organic crops. They are characterized by their excellent quality and excellent aromas.

In addition, we try to support young professionals as much as possible, providing them with appropriate advice on aromatic plants. For more information, you just have to contact us.