Thyme Nursery – Thyme plants

In the thyme nursery of our company, you will find excellent quality thyme plants (Thymus Vulgaris) which are cultivated according to the highest standards. Thyme is a herbaceous and aromatic plant belonging to the Labiatae family.. It is one of the most widespread herbs thanks to its usefulness in cooking and alternative medicine.

Thyme Nursery - Thyme plants

At the Herbs & Oils aromatic plant nursery, we utilize the most suitable soil-climatic conditions offered by the area to ensure the optimal result at each stage of production. In addition, our well-trained staff combined with many years of experience in the cultivation of aromatic plants ensures the absolute coverage of your needs.

Thyme Nursery – Production process

Thyme plants bloom in late spring and summer and are a valuable beekeeping plant. They have dark green or green-grey leaves and grow small white or pink flowers. Thyme does not need much watering and can be planted with other aromatic plants such as sage.

In terms of fertilization, it requires limited amounts of organic nitrogen fertilizer during the Spring and Autumn period. It needs light pruning in order to maintain its shape and encourage the growth of new vegetation after the end of its flowering.

A thyme crop can survive fearlessly in both hot and cold climates. In particular, thyme is one of the hardiest plants that can withstand temperatures from -30 to 35 degrees Celsius.

Properties of Thyme

The main use of thyme is in cooking. However, its benefits for a sore throat when consumed as a decoction are also important. Their properties are mainly due to the thymol it contains. Thymol is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry but also in beekeeping.

Thyme essential oil, also known as thyme oil, is an excellent antifungal and antibacterial, while its contribution to the stimulation of the immune system is important.