Essential Oils Distillery

Herbs & Oils essential oils distillery has modern distillation equipment in accordance with the highest specifications and European standards. Our staff has all the required professional training to provide high-quality results in every distillation. 

Essential Oils Distillery

Ensuring excellent quality we manage to provide the best service to our customers. After all, our main goal is to develop long-term partnerships with industry professionals, who in turn will offer reliable solutions to their own customers.

Essential Oils Distillery – Production process

The process of production of essential oils includes four basic steps. From the initial loading of the plant material to the proper storage of our final products. Specifically, the stages of the production process are:

1) Loading of plant material

Essential Oils Distillery

Initially, we transport and insert the plant material into the distillery where we compress it, ensuring the proper distribution and utilization of the entire material. In fact, the aromatic plants used do not stay on hold for long, which does not degrade their quality. The material is then introduced into the essential oil distiller for the next stage of the process.

2) Distillation of essential oils

Our company’s essential oils distillery utilizes the dry steam method. In particular, with a suitable steam boiler, the steam is produced which is then channelled under the plants. Our modern distillers are made to ensure optimal results during distillation. Throughout the distillation of essential oils, our staff monitors the correctness of the process and the proper adjustment of the pressure and the speed of the steam.

3) Quality check

The time of completion of the process is crucial and is determined by our staff after conducting a detailed control of the situation by examining parameters such as time, aroma and texture of the distillate. So when we get the essential oil we ensure that the final product meets the highest standards. This is one of the main reasons that our company’s essential oils distillery is one of the tops in our country.

Essential Oils Distillery

4) Homogenization – Storage

One of the final stages is that of the homogenization and mixing of the various essential oils (lavender for example), in order to create the final batches that we will communicate to our existing and potential customers. When we have in our hands the analysis of the composition of the various oils, we decide what mixtures will be made. The material is then stored and remains in special tanks for some time to be homogenized.

Finally, all Herbs & Oils essential oils are stored in stainless steel tanks and kept at a low temperature. Then, by utilizing nitrogen gas, the oxygen that leads to the deterioration of the products is removed. This way, we ensure that the essential oils you receive will be characterized by their excellent quality.