The Xirolimni of Kozani

Xirolimni is a semi-mountainous village, located at the 13th km of the National Road Kozani Ioannina. After the construction of Egnatia Odos, access to Xirolimni is very easy from any direction.

Ξηρολίμνη Κοζάνης

The inhabitants of the village and the surrounding area of “Karagiannia” are mainly refugees from Pontus and Asia Minor, very active and capable, who have always cultivated grain and tobacco. In recent years many of them have turned their attention to alternative forms of cultivation, such as aromatic plants.

Xirolimni Kozani is located at an altitude of 700 meters at the foot of Mount Siniatsiko (local name Kayapasi) and its plain is surrounded by mountains. More specifically, it extends from the point where Mount Siniatsiko (or Askio) ends to the edges of Mount Vourinos (or Burinos). In these mountains, there is an abundance of native species of aromatic medicinal plants such as sage, thyme, chamomile and mountain tea, the cultivation of which is a tradition for the inhabitants of the area.